Thank you for volunteering to assist our most senior SCOV residents in registering for the COVID vaccine.  This is a very informal, help your neighbor, approach to meeting a need that has been identified in SCOV.

Below are our recommendations for helping your neighbor get registered for the vaccine:


  1. Be familiar with our COVID-19 page.  All the links you’ll need to register are there, plus lots of other information.  COVID-19 Page
  2. Call your assigned person and identify yourself as the SCOV Vaccine Registration Assistant.
  3. Give them the SCOV vaccine ID# we provide you.  We’ve provided them with this number so they can know you are calling from SCOV.  It is a fraud mitigation measure.
  4. Ask them if they can get to Banner?
  5. Ask them if they can get to TMC?
  6. For those who could travel to Glendale (State Farm Stadium), there is lots of availability at that site as it runs 24/7 and open to all Arizonans.
  7. Gather information:
    1. Full legal name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Age
    4. Email address – You may need to either create one for them or have it sent to you.
    5. Insurance Company
    6. Insurance Group #
    7. Insurance Policy #
    8. Insurance Mailing Address
    9. Medicare #
    10. Last four digits of SSN
  8. From the SCOV Covid page select either the TMC, Banner or State Farm Stadium buttons listed under MAKE A VACCINE APPOINTMENT and proceed to fill out the form.  Good luck, the demand on the site is great, and if you get through, you’ve accomplished something significant.  Celebrate!!
  9. Confirm your resident has received the confirmation email.
  10. Complete the “I HELPED” form below so a record can be kept of those we’ve helped.