Update on ARC Application Process

Update on ARC Application Process

The ARC has a new process for submitting an application for your home projects. All submittals are now digital.

To use this process, you must already be registered on the SCOV Website.

1.  Click on Members and you will get a drop-down screen

2. Next, click on Member Services and scroll down to the image that says For Your Home

3. Click Read More

4. Scroll down and click on Making Changes to your House

5. Click Initial ARC Submittal

6. Fill out the Form

7. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation in your email.

8. You will later receive a message from the Community Services Coordinator. Respond as appropriate.

            • The ARC is now expanding submittals with PERMITS to include:

                        o Windows and Door Replacements

                        o Rolling Shade Screens

                        o Rolling Window Screens

                        o Rolling Shutters

                        o Retractable Awnings

• Homeowners are responsible for following the governing documents as they prepare their submittal.

• Homeowners should include information on materials, colors, dimensions, sketches, pictures, etc. to be used and location of the project on the Plot Plan.

• The ARC, under COVID-19 conditions, will meet with the homeowner, only if the homeowner complies by wearing a mask and social distancing. If an ARC Member is not comfortable with the homeowner being present, we hope you will respect their decision to view your submittal privately.

Until further notice, all ARC submittals will be reviewed Except for the following:

            • Room additions which change the footprint of the house.

            • Patio covers as defined in the Development Standards Section 2.12.

            • Requested variances to the SCOV Governing Documents.

If you have any questions, please call Katy Mosier, SCOV's Community Services Coordinator at 520-917-8058.