When will the gym open?

UPDATE ON AFC GYM OPENING - On August 10 the Governor released requirements for gyms to reopen. There are required safety measures to be followed by the facility, residents and employees. There are also three benchmarks that must be met in order for a gym to open. These benchmarks are CASES, PERCENT POSITIVITY and COVID-LIKE ILLNESS. The CASES in Pima county must be below 100 cases per 100,000 for two weeks (NOT MET). The PERCENT POSITIVITY must be below 10% for two weeks (NOT MET). The COVID-LIKE ILLNESS must have hospital visits due to COVID-like illness below 10% for two weeks (MET). All three benchmarks must be met in order for gyms to reopen, Pima county is meeting only one of the three benchmarks at this time. Follow along with the Arizona Department of Health Services reporting of these benchmarks by clicking here. Learn about the benchmarks and safety requirements for reopening by clicking here. Benchmarks: https://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/index.php#novel-coronavirus-community Criteria for reopening: https://www.azdhs.gov/documents/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/novel-coronavirus/community/indoor-gyms-fitness-centers.pdf