What would be the terms of this agreement?

  1. Residents could choose their services from whichever provider(s) they wish. They could use Comcast or any other internet, TV, phone, or mobile providers.
  2. SCOV would identify Comcast as its Preferred Provider in communications with Association members.
  3. SCOV could not market another provider or have any other bulk service agreements with a provider of internet, video, or phone services.  SCOV cannot prohibit CenturyLink, Direct TV, or other providers from direct marketing, but SCOV could not facilitate their marketing.
  4. Comparable fee guarantees – Comcast would not raise SCOV’s rates to compensate for Preferred Provider status.  Their rates would remain comparable to other nearby communities. They could still offer special deals, but the base rates would be competitive.
  5. The contract term would be ten years.