What happens if the single provider for waste & recycling is approved?

Exhibit 2 If the proposed addition to the Bylaws is approved, it would allow the Board to contract with a single provider for trash removal and recycling services for all lots.
  1. Waste & recycling would occur one time per week on the same day; which day of the week may differ with different neighborhoods in SCOV.
  2. Homeowners would have the option of using 35-, 65- or 95-gallon bins for trash or recycling service.
  3. If trash occasionally exceeds capacity of the container, extra bags would be picked up as a courtesy, i.e., at no charge.
  4. Proposals were solicited from all three contractors currently servicing SCOV. Of these, the most favorable proposal was that from Republic. In this proposal, the estimated quarterly cost would be $33.60, less than most homeowners are paying now and a uniform rate for all homeowners.
  5. The annual dues for 2020-2021 (billed in June 2020) would include the waste/recycling fee of $134.40, and the contractor would be paid by the Association. Homeowners would no longer pay the contractor directly.
  6. The contract is for three years with a 4% cap on year’s two ($139.80) and three ($145.32), both years 2 & 3 have less than a $6/year increase.
  7. Homeowners retain the option to contract, at their own additional expense, an additional alternative vendor for trash removal and recycling services.
  8. The individual residents would be responsible for cancelling their existing trash and recycling service if they are contracted with a provider other than Republic.
  9. The Republic contract for all homeowners would start on July 1, 2020.