Since Comcast is rated one of the most hated and worst companies, wouldn’t this association with Comcast discourage potential buyers thereby lowering our property values?

In our experience, for every 100 people that hate their cable company and there’s another 100 people that love the same cable company…it really doesn’t matter who the provider is, people base their opinion on their person experiences, and for that reason, it’s always a mixed bag.  At SCOV, I would argue that Comcast is perceived in a positive manner as 65% of its residents are subscribing to Comcast Internet, 58% are subscribing to Video Service and 33% are subscribing to Phone Service . While some of those are multiple service customers, I would surmise that more that 75% of the community are subscribing to at least one line of service from Comcast.   Furthermore, this type of agreement would not discourage potential buyers and decrease the property value. In fact, access to telecommunications, especially internet speeds, have provided an increase in property value and created desirable environments for new home buyers.  Comcast’s network is currently capable of delivering more than 1Gb of internet speed and will be rolling out 10Gb in the next few years.   And remember, this agreement does not require any resident to subscribe to Comcast.  Each and every resident can continue to choose their services from their provider of choice. Comcast is just one choice…as is CenturyLink, Dish and DirecTV.