I read somewhere that trash and recycle pick up may be required to be on differing days in differing parts of SCOV. It looks like there will be two trucks. One for trash and one for recycle. If so, that will be two disturbances from trash and recycle on the designated day. Those opting for two pick ups per week will cause additional truck trips each week through the neighborhoods. How does this reduce vehicle trips and noise from the present system for pick up if more than one day is required?

Eliminating the ability to individual contract for services was briefly considered, but rejected.   However, with the payment for the trash/recycle services for 1x per week, it is anticipated that majority of people will utilize this option.  That alone will reduce the number of waste & recycle trucks on the streets by four.  If they use Republic for the second pickup (an additional $4), then it’s another truck that week in those few areas.  It’s highly unlikely another company a rate better than the $4, so it’s reasonable to anticipate only the Republic trucks will be used for the second pickup.