What are the benefits for having a single provider?

  1. Significant reduction in truck traffic (currently three contractors servicing SCOV, 6 trucks - 3 for trash, 3 for recycling - each service day) with attendant noise and disruption. Many complaints about excessive truck traffic initially led to the development of this proposal.
  2. Uniform low rate for all homeowners; no need to negotiate your rate with the contractor, which has been demonstrated to result in wide variation in rates that homeowners are charged.
  3. No need to start and stop service when you are away - if the container is out, it is picked up. No “restart fees” or similar charges for starting or stopping service.
  4. Residents would have a designated contact at Republic to deal with any questions or problems. Residents would also have access to the Republic web portal.
  5. Trash removal and recycling service for SCOV facilities (e.g., restaurant, Welcome Center, AFC) would be provided by this same contractor, with annual savings of approximately $9,000 for the Association, $3.62 per home.