Contact Ester Leutenberg for more information


Bereaved Partners

A support group for those suffering from loss of a loved one. Safe and confidential environment.

First and third Thursday at 4 PM.  Contact Julie Holtry ata 825-4473.

The Caring Bridge

Web site connection for those going through a difficult illness like cancer.  This is a good place to post progress and information for friends all over the world.

Caregiver Support Group

If you are caring for a partner, child, parent or any other loved one, this support group will allow you to share with other like-minded people in a safe environment. What is said in this group, stays with this group.

Meets first and third Friday from 2 – 3 PM in the Catalina Vista/Art Studio. Contact Ester Leutenberg for more information 818-0016

Survivors of a Loved One Who Died by Suicide

Survivors of a loved one who died by suicide have unique grief issues and struggles. It is extremely helpful to speak with other people who completely get it. This is a safe atmosphere. What is said in this room, stays in this room.

Contact Ester Leutenberg at 818-0015 or for questions or more information.