Sun City Oro Valley’s (SCOV) solar energy project is now fully operational! The project consists of eight separate solar electric (photovoltaic) systems with a total installed capacity of 426 kilowatts. The solar project is expected to generate over 707,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, which is slightly more than half of the electricity needed by all the SCOV common-area facilities. The facilities that are solar powered are the Views Restaurant, Activity Center, Artisan Center, Welcome Center, Cart Barn and Pro Shop. There are also solar systems at Catalina Vista, Desert Oasis and the Golf Maintenance facility.

The project was investigated and directed by the Properties Committee over the past three years and received Board approvals at several key stages of the process. SCOV now has a 20-year Solar Services Agreement, which started effective November 1st, with Technology Credit Corporation (TCC), a California company that owns over 300 similar solar projects in 12 states. TCC paid for, and owns the solar systems and will receive monthly payments from SCOV. SCOV payments will be based on the solar energy generated by the systems at a (cents/kWh) rate that will remain the same for 20 years. The fixed rate is currently about 5 percent less than SCOV now pays to the Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP), so saving for SCOV begin immediately.

SCOV partnered with Technicians for Sustainability (TFS), LLC, the largest Tucson-based solar company. TFS designed the systems, managed the permitting and agreements process, and installed the systems. Installation began in May and was completed in October. Going forward TFS is contracted by TCC to monitor the system’s operation, perform maintenance as needed, and provide SCOV with monthly performance reports.

TEP will continue to be SCOV’s electric service company and provide the all electricity needed beyond what the solar systems produces. SCOV has a Interconnection Agreement with TEP for the solar systems that was accepted in May 2015 ensuring “net metering” under current favorable terms and conditions. Whenever there is a TEP power outage, the solar systems will not generate power until the TEP power is restored. This is a standard “anti-islanding” design to ensure safety for TEP workman repairing equipment.

First year electricity cost savings for SCOV are expected to be approximately $5,000. Over the 20-year life of the Solar Services Agreement, assuming a 1 and 2 percent TEP annual rate increase, savings are projected to be between $544,000 and $899,000, respectively. SCOV will have the option to purchase the solar systems any time after five years (November 2021).

The systems have a web-based monitoring system that allows nearly real-time viewing of each system’s power output and energy generation. Hourly, daily, and monthly records are stored and accessible for each system. The information that follows is from the solar system’s monitoring system.


Catalina Vista

Desert Oasis

Golf Maintenance

Activity Center

Artisan Center

Pro Shop & Cart Barn

The Views Restaurant

Welcome Center