Sun City Oro Valley’s (SCOV) solar energy project is now fully operational!  The project consists of eight separate solar electric (photovoltaic) systems with a total installed capacity of 426 kilowatts.  The solar project is expected to generate over 707,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, which is slightly more than half of the electricity needed by all the SCOV common-area facilities.  The facilities that are solar powered are the Views Restaurant, Activity Center, Artisan Center, Welcome Center, Cart Barn and Pro Shop.  There are also solar systems at Catalina Vista, Desert Oasis and the Golf Maintenance facility.










Solar Stats



Activity Center

Artisan Center

The Views Restaurant

Pro Shop & Cart Barn

Welcome Center

Catalina Vista

Desert Oasis

Golf Course Maintenance



t = tons (2,000 pounds)

w = watts

wh = watt-hour

kWh = kilowatt-hour

meter reading = solar energy delivered