Resident artisans fill our Gift Shop with one-of-a-kind items, many of which are made in our Artisan Center studios. You can find greeting cards, hand-sewn items, intricate wooden bowls and pottery vases just to name a few. And the jewelry!  It’s special and something your friends and family will cherish.  Stop by and visit our shop.  Pick up a gift for your friends (and it’s OK to get one for yourself too!

Gift Shop


We’re open to the public, and you are welcome to come in and browse any time of the year. All items in the shop are made by Sun City Oro Valley residents who staff the shop as well. When you visit and purchase something you like, the person who counts out your change or processes your credit card just might be the person who made your item.

Some of the artists who make items for the gift shop also spend one or two mornings a week making clothing, quilts, and duffle bags for needy children. In fact, the sale of some items in the gift shop will be used to purchase things like fabric and thread to make these gifts for the children. Likewise, some of the woodworkers spend hours making handmade toys that they donate to needy kids, especially at holiday time.