We Have a Club to Match Practically Every Interest

When it comes to meeting new people, learning and doing new things and basically enjoying life, Sun City Oro Valley offers an diverse selection of clubs, one or more of which are sure to meet your particular interests. Staying active is an essential aspect of retirement life quality and there is no better way to accomplish that than to join other people with the same passions and interests as you. We know that fun, interesting and creative activities are the foundation of a satisfied life. Our over 140 clubs to entice you to live here include such interesting and popular topics as arts & crafts, continuing studies, cultural and social interests, dance, exercise, games, sports and travel.




Aqua Tone

Muscle conditioning class using flotation devices and the natural resistance of the water. This is an exercise club with minimal yearly dues. Please contact Marcia Polley at 818-9073.

Art League

The Sun City Oro Valley Art League consists of six art groups organized under a single charter. The groups are: Colored Pencil The newest fine art media. Subject matter and technique…

Arthritis Water Class

Our 45-minute workouts are based on gentle water exercises designed by the Arthritis Foundation to relieve stiffness and pain, with emphasis on range of motion and endurance, and with minimum…


The Sun City Astronomy Club is a chartered club of Sun City Oro Valley.  We are located in the town of Oro Valley, a suburb of Tucson, Arizona.  With clear, dark…

Bark Carvers

Barkcarving is a unique and age-old craft. We harvest what could be seen as scrap wood and turn it into something beautiful.

Biking (Vistoso Cyclists)

Encourages exercise. Groups for fast and slow riders. Various distances.