We are a social group of military veterans who want to serve those who have served.  Meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month at the Catalina Vista Activity Center at 1 PM. All veterans are welcome to join. 


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Veterans Club of Sun City Oro Valley


  1. Reach out to like minded military groups or individuals and make a difference in our local community.
  2. Inform and educate members of entitlements, benefits and review relevant issues at monthly meetings
  3. Assist members with personal issues ie: PTSD, suicide tendencies, anger issues either from within or through the VA system.

Active Duty Military Recruiters:

Having branch specific members of the SCVVC visit recruits semi-annually at recruiting stations while waiting to enter into active duty service could give them a positive aspect of the unknown military life.

  • 2-3 members from specific branch of service from the SCVVC would visit the local Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine recruiting station on LaCholla Rd and speak to recruits and share insights on how you succeeded in the military, your military experiences, how the military effected your life after DEROS and military assignments.

Veterans in Nursing homes, Assisted or Independent living homes and Hospice:

  • Visit local nursing, assisted, independent living and hospice care facilities in Oro Valley and northern Tucson. This is a sensitive subject. It would be honorable to have military branch specific members of the SCVVC make a short visit to a comrade in a local care center and talk with lonely or terminally ill patients to share experiences and thank them for their grateful service to our country.

College ROTC and High School JROTC

  • There are 2 universities and 2 high schools that offer ROTC and JROTC programs in Tucson. With co-ordination, arrange visits to campuses and share insights on how the military has benefited and effected your life, your experiences and military assignments.

VA Hospital and Clinic

  • Volunteers are always needed to assist in various capacities from patient escort, patient concierge, office administration, caregiver support, appointment reminder assistant, etc. If you volunteer 4 hours you will receive a free meal at the hospital. A great way to give back and serve those who have served. I know your time is precious, but donating a few hours per week can be very rewarding and satisfying.

SCVVC Color Guard

  • I would like to form and lead a group of SCVVC members to professionally present the colors with dignity at SCOV Board Meetings and other meetings leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Member Education at Meetings

  • Address issues of relevance to our group of SCVVC members. Having subject matter experts talk about a myriad of topics to inform and educate us about entitlements and relevant issues. I always say “You don’t know what you don’t know”.
  • Assistance for SCVVC members with personal issues ie; PTSD, suicide tendencies, anger issues, either from within our SCVVC member group or assistance on how to get in touch with a VA counselor more qualified to address the topic.

**Interested veterans please email or text me your Name, Branch of Service, phone #, email address, SCOV member number for my email data base to include you in upcoming meeting date reminders and meeting minutes.  Thanks in advance.


Mike LaBarbera