Carl Sandburg defined poetry as “the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits”. Edgar Allan Poe described it as “the rhythmical creation of beauty in words”.  Poets tend to develop their own concepts of what a poem should be and challenge themselves to create that essence.  While we are all self-critics, it is helpful and often encouraging, to share what we have written with other poets and benefit from their feedback.  Our weekly workshops are a welcoming venue where we engage in friendly critiques of our poems, learn what works and what doesn’t, receive praise and constructive suggestions and generally feel encouraged to keep writing.  Someone may suggest a prompt or describe a form we might try or just share the work of a published poet we might emulate.  We have collaborated with the photography club to write poems inspired by photos and produced two anthologies of our poetry.  We also strive to schedule a six-week workshop facilitated by instructors from the U of A or Pima Community College every winter.  We welcome all resident poets.


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