The word “Havurah” is derived from the term ‘haver’ or friend in Hebrew. But it also has the meaning of a ‘circle’ or ‘joining’. Hence a Havurah is a circle of friends joined together.

The object of Havurah is to promote an understanding of Jewish heritage and holidays, to help keep abreast of current Jewish affairs, and to promote fellowship among its members. Our organization is open to all without regard to race, religion, or nationality.

Activities include a year round calendar of brunches and General Meetings, programs including speakers from the UofA, ILR, local authors, musical programs, and other topics of interest.  Our annual dinners include Rosh Hashanah, Break the Fast, Passover and a themed Paid-Up Members’ dinner.  Throughout the year, we have an Ice Cream Social, movie night, Shabbat Services and Havdalah Services.  Our Bocce group meets each Sunday and the Book Club has monthly meetings.  Throw in a cooking class or a day trip and you get an idea of Sun City’s Havurah!  Come and join us and be a part of our Havurah family.


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Membership is open to both residents and non-residents of Sun City Oro Valley.  For information, please contact our Co-President, Jane Holder at 520-820-0171 or email  Annual dues are $15 per person.



See Wikipedia’s definition of mitzvah.  It’s more than a good deed.

Join Havurah in its ongoing CARE2SHARE project.

The Catalina Community Resource Center food bank has a continuous increase in demand for donations.  Havurah has pledged to help, by the collection of items at general meetings and brunches.  The items most needed are non-perishable foods, soaps, toiletries and pet foods.

Please help!! Bring your items to each Havurah Brunch and General Meeting.  Every little bit helps.