From: Brookfield Wisconsin

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 7-10 years; some a lifetime !

What is your specialty? Sculptured Gourds wrapped with pine needles. Self-taught!  Mata Ortiz Pottery encased in Sterling Silver jewelry.  Semi-precious stones made into pendant, bracelets, etc.  Quilting, Native saguaro crosses with feathers, beads, and other ornamentation

Awards, publications, recognition? Sun City artist of the month.  Advertising Flyers Quilt shows, seasonal craft exhibits

Elaine, who makes sculptured gourds and jewelry, says, “I sculpture gourds, then use long pine needles to sew or weave them on the sculptured gourd. There are many steps in making the gourd ready! The gourds need to be cleaned and scrubbed after they dry and emptied of the seeds and membranes inside. After carving the gourd I dye the outside, drill holes around the gourd, then prepare the pine needles, softening them to a certain pliability to be able to work with them without breaking them.”

Describing the process of making her jewelry, she says, “I make silver pendants from the inside of decayed prickly pear pads, using the lost wax method of casting. They are all so individual, no two can ever be alike. They look very detailed, lacy and delicate.

“Also, I make pendants from Mata Ortiz pottery shards. Rarely are there two alike. I’ve been to the Mexican town of Mata Ortiz three times so my shards come directly from the village. Look for new and different things coming out.”

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