“I started making angels when I was raising two young children to add to my ‘special’ money. Today, I make about 1,400 a year. I try to make each one different in some way. I find a lot of material to use on my angels as a volunteer at the Golden Goose. The base of an angel is a glass bottle. I buy other materials from a special supplier, and although prices go up each year, I try to stay at a fair selling price.

“Why do I make so many? Working in my craft room is sheer delight. I love finding every minute I can to work on the angels and still keep a busy schedule outside my home.   At 91, I like to feel that I can keep busy and still be productive. Every year I have donated angels to the choir, the Sunday school, and the office staff at my church.   Every once in a while I give the children’s sermon and I am known to them as the ‘angel lady.’ The thank you notes that I receive from all ages I treasure. I have also donated angels to fundraisers that help students apply for student loans for college. I have also donated angels to children at the children’s hospital and to orphanages. I have heard at times from several people that they have seen my angels around town.   One person saw them at a dentist office that I don’t go to, and another was at someone’s house in Oregon!”

“My little angels can be used as a doll, an ornament, a decoration on a gift box, or a hostess gift. I have been told to branch out and make some boy ‘dolls’ to add variety when selling. The last suggestion I had to make cowgirl dolls became very popular with many. I learn every year at the craft shows other uses for them.”

“I have been asked why I make so many.   Do they bring in an extra income for me? The answer is ‘No.’ I spend hundreds of dollars. Do I care? No. I do this because it is great fun and it makes me happy.”

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