Williams combined

From: United Kingdom

How long have you been doing your art/craft? About 13 years

What is your specialty? Stained and fused glass and recently am working with clay.

Awards, publications, recognition? Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany – award for stained glass.

Juliet has been creating stained glass pieces for 13 years. She describes the process for us: “The first step is to select a pattern, and then you cut the individual pieces of glass to their exact size and shape. You join the glass together in a process that’s basically been used for centuries.

“For my pieces, I use thin sheets of copper that hold the glass together lightly. To make the seams strong and durable, I melt solder over the foil, giving the panel strength and rigidity.

“Finally, the whole piece has to be cleaned, and when you think it’s clean enough, you clean it again!”

“Recently, I’ve been learning the art of fusing glass, and I feel more creative with this technique. I made the quail clock using this process, where the individual pieces of glass are melted, or fused, together in a kiln.”

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