From: Illinois

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 20 years

What is your specialty? Landscape Weaving

Awards, publications, recognition? IBM 1st place award for my Landscape Weaving

As these photos reveal, Joanie combines the arts of weaving, ceramics and painting to create some very unique works of art.

Joanie says, “I use a finger-weaving technique to create scenes, wrapping metal, wood, and fiber shapes with plush yarns, jute, and other materials. For the ceramic vases and canteens, I pour liquid clay into molds. Then, after I remove them from their molds, and before they have a chance to dry and harden, I cut windows that will frame the woven scenes and pierce them to receive strings that become part of the weaving.

“Inside the vessel, I paint a scene with a southwest theme. The painting becomes a background for the woven foreground of trees and desert plants. This lets the eye wander through an entire landscape of color and texture. I often wire the vases for lights, which shows off the painting and makes a great night light.

“I also make beaded eyeglass holders that let you wear your glasses around your neck, where they are always handy and within reach.”

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