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Lori works with clay, often hand-building three-dimensional pictures of the Arizona desert landscape and its wildlife. She also makes jewelry, and one of the best-selling pieces in the shop, month after month, are the earrings she makes with rattlesnake bones.

Her clay sculptures might be be a pair of javelinas or burros.  And while most artists would be content to make realistic or stylized animals, Lori goes a step further, and gives them a touch of human personality that makes you smile when you recognize it. Describing this wonderful feature she says, “I like to add a touch of whimsy to each piece I make. “I enjoy wildlife and the desert, so I try to have a critter involved in some kind of situation.”

One of her sculptures might include a jewelry-like accent that contains those tiny rattlesnake bones, turquoise, and other gems that she also uses in her necklaces and earrings.

Describing the durability of her sculptures, she says, “I finish them to look like bronze or copper. They are usually wired for strength, fired in a kiln and then “cold finished” with paints and sealers. I attach them to a marble or flagstone base for support.”

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