“After 37 years of teaching physical education, health and English,” Bev says, “I decided I wanted art in my life. Diving right into crafts, I ran a boutique out of my Minnesota home for ten years before moving to Sun City eight years ago.

“All the bottles I use in my crafts are ones I receive from friends. Usually I turn them into decorative lighted bottles for home and bar decor. I drill a hole in the bottom of each bottle so I can insert strings of lights. Then I decorate the bottles with artificial fruits and leaves or ornaments for the holidays. I also decorate glass bricks with lights for the winter holidays.”

Bev also creates wreaths that you can use to decorate your door–or hang inside your home to bring color to the changing seasons. And she makes table runners that are reversible, thus accommodating different seasons, holidays, and everyday use too.

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