From: Spokane, WA

How long have you been doing your art/craft? I have knitted and sewn since I was young.

What is your specialty? Do not have a specialty. Just do odds and ends of things. Started making greeting cards from my husband’s photos a few years ago and they sell very well. I knit baby blankets and dish cloths. I sew wine bags, seat belt covers, microwave bowl pot holders, and Clip’n Go bags. I also started making Kumihomo jewelry.


Awards, publications, recognition? Featured in July 2015 Tipster

“I originally started making photo greeting cards when I first came into the shop. My husband takes the photos and I turn them into cards. “I have loved to knit since I was very young, so that’s why I have baby blankets and dish cloths in the shop. I knit while I watch TV. I also like to sew. When my girls were young, I made a lot of their clothes. I have a very creative daughter who teaches me how to make things like the ‘Clip ‘N Go’ and the microwave bowl potholders. I also sew wine bottle covers and seatbelt covers. I have recently started making ‘woven’ bracelets. I love to ‘create,’ so that’s why I sell in the shop. I enjoy working in the shop because it’s a wonderful way to meet people and tell visitors how wonderful Sun City is.”

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