Grace specializes in ceramic and porcelain eggs and ornaments, and she creates them in her own studio. She starts by pouring liquid porcelain or ceramic clays, called slips, into molds. The molds absorb most of the water from the slips, leaving solid castings, which Grace then removes from the molds, cleans, and polished.

The next steps involve multiple firings in a kiln. Grace says, “I fire them from one to three times, depending on the design and the glazes I choose, starting with a colored underglaze. The jewel-tone eggs take three firings and are finished with a mother-of-pearl glaze. I use a glaze with a raised surface to do most of the decoration on the more traditional Easter eggs, which vary in size from a tiny robin’s egg to a huge ostrich egg. I finish all of them with fanciful designs and beautiful colors. No two are ever alike!

“One of the most popular eggs I make are the personalized name eggs. These can be any size or color, and any name can be specially ordered.”

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