From: Haverhill Massachusetts

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 20 years

What is your specialty? Silver Jewelry Design and Fabrication

Barbara teaches jewelry-making in the studio a few steps around the corner from the Gift Shop door. She likes to work with stones and silver, which you can see from the photos of her work—pieces that feature coral, druzy quartz, and a blend of red, green, and black copper gems known as Sonoran Sunset (or Sonoran Sunrise).

She sets the stones in silver that she fabricates from sheet and wire, or casts in what is called the “lost wax” process.

Barbara has been interested in all forms of art, with training and education at the Rhode Island School of Design. Before she moved to Arizona, she was co-owner of an interior-design company. She knows that whether you’re designing a family room, or jewelry for the mother or a grandmother of a family, the basics of good design are the same

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