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From: Rhode Island

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 52 years

What is your specialty? Together, we specialize in making affordable jewelry that features natural materials that are beautiful, collectible, and preferably mined or found in the United States. Many of the stones and materials, like our wampum, have roots in America’s social or geological histories.Awards, publications, recognition?

Awards From: International Quahog Festival, International Gem and Mineral Shows, Boston Mineral Club, Buckminster Fuller Concepts and Images Exhibit  Featured in Publications: Lapidary Journal, Boston Globe Magazine, Lowell Sun, RI Local Magazine, Nashua Telegraph, Marine Fisheries News, Middlesex Beat

Sandy and Curt make jewelry that’s made to last for years and keep its value over time. Some pieces have been handed down from mother to daughter and then to granddaughter. They specialize in genuine stones, especially stones from the American West — gems like turquoise, picture jasper, and Arizona’s garnet, amethyst, peridot, and petrified wood. Curt was a faculty member of Boston’s deCordova Museum School, where he taught gem-cutting and jewelry design. Curt has worked with stones since he was a boy, when he inherited his great-grandfather’s crystal and fossil collection.

Sandy jokes that one of the things that made their wedding so special was the vow, “Do you take this man and his rocks?”  For 40 years, they owned and operated a shop called The Stoneworks, where they sold finished jewelry, jewelry-making supplies, and taught classes on knotting strands of pearls and cutting faceted stones.

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