From: Connecticut

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 20years or more

What is your specialty? Functional pottery— paintings and hand made bead necklaces.

Awards, publications, recognition? Local  newspaper as being in the arts and craft festival

“I have always been involved in arts and crafts, and it was a great joy to discover our Artisan Complex many years ago, a discovery that led me back to oil painting, watercolor, pencil drawing, and then to our clay studio.   My love of hand-built pottery has just expanded over the years. I find it personally fulfilling to be creating new pieces of pottery and to have our wonderful gift shop to display and sell our creations.

“Most of what I produce is functional pottery. After deciding what to make, I construct the basic form and hand-engrave the design into the clay. After the piece has dried and been fired, I apply the glaze by pouring, dipping or painting. A second firing completes the piece and it’s ready for use.”

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