The art of sewing is a family heritage for Sandy Fritz. “I have always enjoyed sewing,” she says. “I learned the art from my grandmother, who had four granddaughters, and was constantly at her machine, making summer play clothes and Sunday dresses for us.”

One of Sandy’s most popular items in the Gift Shop is her potato bag, a bag in which you microwave potatoes. Each bag comes with a set of instructions. She promises, “These bags ensure that your potato will be fluffy and moist. The cooking time is only a few minutes, but times vary from microwave to microwave, so be sure to check the settings on your personal oven to get the best results. You can also use the bag to warm dinner rolls and flour tortillas. And you can nuke corn on the cob and butternut squash.”

Another popular item for Sandy is her “Baby Tag Blankie.” She says, “Babies and toddlers love these mini-blankets with those 20 visual and tactile tags, which offer interactive entertainment and comfort. The blankie is soft, cuddly, and machine-washable.” Other popular, and very practical, items are her “Snap Bags” and “Snap Purses.” “These are small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry options for your keys, sunglasses, lipstick and credit cards,” Sandy says. “The ‘snap’ comes from the springy metal handles that open and close the bag itself, which is constructed of layered fabrics and batting. Sometimes you’ll just want to carry the snap bag itself, and sometimes you might want to carry it in your purse.”

“Oh,” she says, as an afterthought, “When you carry a snap bag or purse, you might also want to wear one of these scarves.”

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