Fairful 2

From: Michigan

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 50 years

What is your specialty? Sewing, crocheting, dichroic jewelry, and ceramics and design woman’s and children’s clothing

Awards, publications, recognition? Featured artist in explorer sept 2011

Bev says that she has developed skills in wood carving, ceramics, dichroic jewelry and stained glass, and although sewing is her favorite skill, she enjoys blending several different media to create unique items for the gift shop. The photos show the diversity of her talents.

She talks about how she started: “As a teenager I made my prom dresses; later I made dresses for my wedding, and then I made clothing for my four children.   I also learned to knit and crochet, making sweaters and blankets.   Some popular items in the gift shop include doll clothes, hats, coats, and baby and adult clothing. Even coats for our furry friends.

“I can customize items and create patterns. For example, customers often bring me photos of their children and grandchildren in cheerleading or sports uniforms or communion dresses. For girls, I will duplicate these outfits for one of their dolls, which results in a personalized and treasured gift.

“As an example of custom work for boys, my four-year-old grandson, Lucas, loves airplanes. This prompted me to create a realistic bomber jacket, which takes his playtime to new heights.”

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