From: Originally California, then Upstate NY for last 25 years

How long have you been doing your art/craft? Three years

What is your specialty? Mixing colors and textures of yarn into attractive and flattering combinations.

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“I make Fiber Flings, which are lightweight yarn and bead necklaces that can add pizzazz to any outfit. They are made of various types of novelty yarns and are finished with coordinating beads and an easy magnetic clasp. Many customers comment that Fiber Flings have the fluffiness of a scarf, without needing any expertise to tie it correctly. These unique accessories bring color, texture, and personality to your look.

“Several years ago I was living in upstate New York and knitting long scarves with various textured yarns for the cold, cold winters. After a time I ended up with a lot of leftover pieces of yarn which were not really big enough to make a scarf. There were a great variety of yarn styles, colors, and textures; I wondered, ‘What could I make with these?’ So, I decided to make a short necklace with some of the pieces, added a few beads, and wore it myself. People started buying them right off my neck! The Fiber Fling was born.”


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