From: Peoria, Illinois

How long have you been doing your art/craft? Since 1994

What is your specialty? Ceramics

Carney has been making ceramics since 1994, when she came to Sun City. And she has taught classes on techniques for finishing ceramics.

Describing the process she uses to make her pieces, she says, “I start with a mold made of plaster of Paris. I pour liquid clay, called slip, into the mold, let it sit for about 20 minutes, and then pour out any slip that has remained liquid. This leaves about a quarter-inch of firm clay around the inside of the mold.  I then set the mold upside down for four to six hours, which gives the clay time to get firm and solid.  Then, I open the mold, and if all goes well, a lovely object emerges.

“The next step is to set the object, now called greenware, aside. When it’s completely dry, I gently remove all seams and imperfections.

“The item is now ready to be fired in a kiln, and when it comes out, I can paint it with three coats of underglaze and fire it for a second time.  When it cools, I have many options, but usually I paint it with up to three coats of glaze and fire it for a third time.

“At this point, the item can be called finished, but if I want to fire a decal on it, it will take still another firing.  If I want to add gold, mother of pearl, or stains, then I apply them and fire the piece for the fifth time. Then, at long last, it is finally finished!”

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