From: Tucson, AZ

How long have you been doing your art/craft? 21 years

What is your specialty? Harpist

Awards, publications, recognition? Feature articles in ARIZONA DAILY STAR, and therapeutic and harp music journals. Certified Music Practitioner.

Carolyn tells us, “After decades of work as a professional dancer and musician, I became intrigued by the harp. I still study with Patricia Harris, principal harpist for the Tucson Symphony. “Today, I play background music for Tucson events, and recently I played here in SCOV to benefit Emerge. For the past 12 years, I have played harp at the bedsides of patients at the Casa de la Luz Hospice in-patient unit. “Right now I haves three CDs in the Gift Shop:

Rain, River and Sea is a collection of music about water: semi-classical, popular, spiritual, folk, ethnic, nostalgic. It includes several pieces for two harps, and a harp-cello duo.

December Solace is a relaxing mix of Christmas and Chanukah music that includes several harp/flute duets. It comes with a guide for peaceful, thoughtful listening in this busy season.

Journey was conceived during an 18,500 mile RV trip I took with my husband (and my harp!) to Newfoundland and back. It contains a wide variety of  music styles, and is dedicated to the life journey of each person who listens.”

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