Whether your game is pickleball or tennis the courts are waiting for you at Sun City Oro Valley.

Pickleball / Tennis


Pickleball is a court sport best described as half way between tennis and ping-pong. The court is 44′ x 20′ and divided in two courts by a net. It is played as a singles game with one person/side or as a doubles game with 2 people on each side of the net. Each player has a paddle. The object of the game is to score points by successfully hitting a whiffle-ball across the net without it being successfully returned by the opponent(s).

Sun City Oro Valley has FIVE active pickleball courts available 365 days a year. Play with friends or join the club, it’s up to you…just as long as you are having fun!


Here, you’ll find 8 new lighted US Open post tensioned hard tennis courts available for play day or night. A wide range of challenges are offered from joining a USTA competitive team, to the social gatherings and men’s and women’s mixed doubles play. Clubs are available to join that accommodate every skill level from casual to competitive. So grab your partner and come on your own and enjoy the game.

Reserve Pickleball Courts

Reserve Tennis Courts

Mountain Vista – Courts may be reserved for league play, mixers and tournaments at times other than prime time* by a Special Event Request to any Board Member.

Desert Oasis – Courts may be reserved by appearing in person or by calling the monitor at 825-0495 no sooner than 48 hours in advance.  Desert Oasis courts are under the supervision of a monitor and reserved time is to be TWO HOURS ONLY on the hour.

*PRIME TIMES:  Changes are seasonal.  Winter is 8 AM to noon and summer is 7 AM to 11 AM.  Prime times for women’s and men’s tennis are posted on bulletin boards at the courts.  Prime time for women is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  Prime time for men is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.  The Mountain Vista courts are reserved for mixed doubles on Sunday afternoon and in the evening on that day in the summer.