As with so many organizations in Sun City, the library runs on volunteer power! Without the fifty-five or so volunteers who each dedicate, on average, two three-hour shifts every month (that’s almost 4000 hours per year!), the library could not operate, as the librarian is the only paid position and one person alone could never run a library this size.

Our volunteers work at the library because they love it. What is it that they love? For some it’s just being in a library—the look and smell and feel of books, while for others it’s interacting with patrons. Some like to be the first to see when a new book or movie is going on the shelf, or just get out of the house for a break from retired life! And of course, there’s the camaraderie of working with a group of book-lovers!

Working at the circulation desk is a multifaceted job. These volunteers check items in and out, shelve books and videos, assist patrons in finding things and putting items on hold, take money for sale items, and numerous other tasks. With the installation of an online circulation system, volunteers now have the added fun of learning the ins and outs of our new software! Additional volunteers work longer hours behind the scene on such tasks as entering new items into the database, maintaining the paperback collection, delivering overdue reminders by phone, covering new books, sorting items for the sale, repairing books, handling computer software issues, training volunteers, and a myriad of other jobs.

Interested in becoming a library volunteer? Please complete the form below so that we may contact you when openings occur.


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