The FOL (Friends of the Library) was formed by a group of residents in 1998 to support the library. Over the years it has sponsored fundraising events including musical programs, poetry readings and plays, and a fine arts raffle, as well as the ever popular Book and Author Luncheon and the SCOV Home tour. This resourceful fundraising has resulted in the FOL being able to deposit substantial funds into the library operating account at the beginning of each fiscal year. These funds help pay for materials, supplies and special needs, including furniture, library software, computers and printers. In 2015 they covered half the cost of the Library Technology and Facility Update project, which involved the purchase of five computers, new library software, and a redesign and refurnishing of a large area of the library, including a custom circulation desk with a built-in book drop.

Residents are encouraged to support the library through membership in the FOL. Effective 2016, membership is only $15 per year for an individual, or $20 a year for a family. Forms are available at the library. Stop by today to join or renew your membership, and thank you for supporting such a worthy cause!