We love your donations!

Thanks to your generous donations, the library is able to add exciting new items to our collection that we otherwise would not have, as well as second and third copies of popular titles. Some of the donated items are sold to raise money for purchasing new items, and others are traded for books and movies at Bookmans, a used bookstore. Books that do not meet our criteria for any of the above uses are donated to the Oro Valley Public Library, the VA Hospital, or another worthy program.

Almost all of our paperbacks are donated. All magazines and puzzles are donated. Your donations help ensure that the library’s collection is appealing, relevant, and constantly renewed. Due to space constraints and the volunteer hours required to sort donations, please do not bring more than two bags or boxes in without checking with the librarian beforehand, and make sure your donation meets our guidelines.

Guidelines for Donations

  PLEASE NOTE: All items must be in good condition—no mildew, water damage, highlighting, intact pages. Videos and CDs must be in original cases.
Hardback books Fiction and nonfiction published no longer than 8 years ago. Please check publication dates before donating.
Paperback books Paperbacks may be older than 8 years.
Audio books In CD or MP3 CD formats only. No books on tape.
Videos On DVD or Bluray only. No VHS format or tape of any kind.
Music CDs CD format only, no records or tapes.
Magazines Weekly magazines—last four issues only.Monthly magazines—last three months only.We welcome magazine subscriptions as gifts!
Puzzles Compete puzzles in original boxes only—no missing pieces.

The SCOV library depends entirely on the donation of materials, and the money to buy materials. The donation of $1 for each video check out transaction plays an important role in providing the resources necessary to purchase new books and videos. By donating materials, checking out videos, making cash donations to the library, and supporting the FOL (Friends of the Library) through your membership and support of their fundraisers, you can help ensure that our collection is relevant, appealing, and constantly renewed.