Our collection holds about 15,000 items, including close to 9000 cataloged books, videos and audio books, 5000 uncatalogued paperbacks, a small children’s section, hundreds of magazines and puzzles, and hundreds more items in a sale section. You can find hardcover and paperback fiction and nonfiction, audiobooks in both CD and MP3 CD formats, and movies, documentaries, and television series on both DVD and Blu-ray. We are very proud of our large and growing selection of large print books. You will find books written by SCOV residents shelved in a section of their own, and a children’s corner stocked with books and movies for entertaining visiting grandchildren.

The librarian takes note of what authors, titles, genres and subjects are popular with our patrons when purchasing new books and videos, keeping the collection fresh. Residents are invited to recommend purchases on a “Wish List” kept in the library, and over half of these titles are placed on our shelves. With a finite amount of space, and new titles competing with old titles, the shelves are frequently culled to make way for best sellers, and hot new movies and television series. You won’t find many books on our hardback shelves that were published more than five or six years ago, and the same goes for movies. Books and videos pulled from our shelves are put up for sale in order to earn money to purchase new titles. Items that don’t sell are donated to the Oro Valley Public Library, the Tucson VA Hospital, and other worthy groups.

Is there a book or movie you’d like to see in our library? Put it on our Wish List!