Golf provides a great opportunity for healthy exercise and social distancing, and we are pleased to state THE VIEWS GOLF CLUB IS OPEN.  As the health and safety of our golfers and staff is our #1 priority, we have implemented the outlined policy and practices HERE.

The View Golf Club is a community-owned, semi-private course that is open to the public. We offer daily, monthly, pay-now/play-later & annual passes. Weekly 9 and 18-hole play can be enjoyed by both men’s and women’s leagues and other events allow couples and mixed-member groups to enjoy tournaments, mixers and special programs throughout the year.

Recently awarded Best Golf Course by AZ Daily Star Readers Choice poll, The Best of the Northwest by the NW Explorer newspaper and GEM award from the Southern Arizona Women’s PGA is only one of the reasons why you should come out and play The Views Golf Club of Oro Valley.





  • Photo Gallery Image 1
    Slightly uphill approach to #1 green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 2
    #1 green slopes back left to front right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 3
    Back tees at the par 5 #2 require carry over desert.
  • Photo Gallery Image 4
    Front tees at #2 offer an open fairway sloping to the middle from both sides.
  • Photo Gallery Image 5
    Bunkers guard the left side and desert the right side of #2 fairway.
  • Photo Gallery Image 6
    Elevated #2 green slopes front right to back left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 7
    Up-slope on front and bunkers on back protect the par 3 #3.
  • Photo Gallery Image 8
    Large #3 green slopes back left to right front.
  • Photo Gallery Image 9
    Par 4, dogleg right #4 is our #1 handicap hole. Favor left center of fairway.
  • Photo Gallery Image 10
    Drives on #4 can end up in grass bunkers on the right or depression across the middle of the fairway.
  • Photo Gallery Image 11
    Bunkers protect the right side and desert the left of #4 green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 12
    Par 5, dogleg left #5 requires a little carry to set up second shot.
  • Photo Gallery Image 13
    Front tees on #5 offer an open shot.
  • Photo Gallery Image 14
    Wash across #5 fairway requires choice of layup or carry on second shot.
  • Photo Gallery Image 15
    Uphill #5 green protected by grass bunkers on front right and sand in back.
  • Photo Gallery Image 16
    From back tees, par 4 dogleg right #6 calls for left side tee shot. Trouble on right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 17
    From the front tees on #6, the view is open, but keep it left center.
  • Photo Gallery Image 18
    Uphill approach to #6 green may need carry over bunkers on the right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 19
    #6 green slopes back right to front left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 20
    With its spectacular view, par 3 #7 is our signature hole. Being long is trouble.
  • Photo Gallery Image 21
    #7's long green slopes back left to right front.
  • Photo Gallery Image 22
    Par 4 #8 is fairly straight and uphill. Favor right half.
  • Photo Gallery Image 23
    Grass bunkers protect both sides of #8 green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 24
    Before leaving #8, turn around to take in the view.
    View of the Catalina Mountains from #8 green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 25
    #8 green slopes back right to front left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 26
    From par 4 #9 tees, a drive 10 yards beyond the 150-marker will carry over a cliff to a wash.
  • Photo Gallery Image 27
    From the whites on #9, the green's not yet visible.
  • Photo Gallery Image 28
    Just in front of the 30-foot cliff, approach to #9 requires right distance to a narrow depth green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 29
    False front and traps in back leave little room for error.
  • Photo Gallery Image 30
    #9 green slopes back left to front right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 31
    On par 4, dogleg left #10, tee shots call for carry over a pond
  • Photo Gallery Image 32
    #10 forward tees reduce carry over water to a wide fairway. Aim just right of left bunkers.
  • Photo Gallery Image 33
    Very receptive #!0 green has right side bunkers. Must carry the front.
  • Photo Gallery Image 34
    Need to avoid pot bunkers on left side of #10 green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 35
    Need to avoid grass bunkers on left side of #10 green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 36
    #11 left dogleg offers a bailout fairway on the right to avoid bunkers.
  • Photo Gallery Image 37
    #11 has pot bunkers 100 yards out, traps in the back and right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 38
    #11 green is long and narrow with hump mid-right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 39
    Par 3 #12 calls for carry over grass bunker, but favor the left side.
  • Photo Gallery Image 40
    #12 green is large and relatively flat.
  • Photo Gallery Image 41
    Par 4 #13 has bunkers on both sides of fairway.
  • Photo Gallery Image 42
    #13 elevated green requires an approach that carries the front.
  • Photo Gallery Image 43
    A ridge runs through the center of #13 green. Important to be on the right level.
  • Photo Gallery Image 44
    Front of 13 slopes left to right and back slopes right to left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 45
    At par 4 #14, bunnies are free, birdies are up to you.
  • Photo Gallery Image 46
    #14 approach favors left side, but avoid bunker on left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 47
    Large #14 green has subtle undulations.
  • Photo Gallery Image 48
    Short par 4 #15 doesn't require driver. Fairway runs out inside 100 yard marker.
  • Photo Gallery Image 49
    #15 green is protected by bunkers right, back and left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 50
    #15 green slopes front to back and right to left.
  • Photo Gallery Image 51
    Par 5 #16 rewards tee shot over left moguls.
  • Photo Gallery Image 52
    #16 layup to 100 yards is open. Avoid bunkers on right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 53
    Three-tiered #16 green slopes right to left with falloff on left and backsides.
  • Photo Gallery Image 54
    Elevated par 3 #17 is protected by bunkers on left and slope back and right.
  • Photo Gallery Image 55
    Two-tiered #17 green slopes back left to right front.
  • Photo Gallery Image 56
    No need for driver on #18. Aim for bunker straight out.
  • Photo Gallery Image 57
    #18 tee shot short of bunker leaves around 100 yards to green.
  • Photo Gallery Image 58
    #18 green well protected by bunkers all around.
  • Photo Gallery Image 59
    Last view of the mountains until you stop in at The Views Bistro patio.


  • Full service pro shop
  • Short game practice area with sand bunker
  • Full swing driving range
  • Cart rental or ride your own options
  • Competitive daily fees
  • Monthly, annual, twilight and summer passes
  • Group or private lessons from PGA Golf Pros

 Fun, relaxation and breathtaking scenery are the name of the game at The Views Golf Club. At each hole of our 18-hole course and along every step of the way, you will absorb and appreciate the mystic beauty of the surrounding Catalina Mountains that rise from the background like majestic giants. The rolling terrain of the natural desert southwest environment includes trees, cacti and other native plants that dot the landscape.

You will certainly enjoy playing golf surrounded by such invigorating vistas, but you will also hone your skills and improve your game on our challenging course. The Views Golf Club is an awarding winning golf course designed to enhance the golfing experience by featuring subtly elevated greens, challenging bunkers and a small lake found throughout the course. The front nine holes offer gentle slopes that meander through various arroyos and dry washes. The back nine more consistently tests golfing skills via higher elevations and sharper turns.

There are plenty of opportunities to test and improve your golfing abilities. We offer eight sets of tee boxes to choose from that range from 4775 to 6715 yards so you can select and play the yardage that best suits your particular needs. Course ratings range from 67.1 to 72.2 with a variety of slopes from 112 to 133 degrees. You can even skip the course and focus on your short-game at our driving range and practice area. Both annual memberships and daily green fee play are available.