Answers to Burning Questions

Please check here periodically for answers to commonly asked questions.


1.How do I create an account on this SCOV website?


**You must be a resident of Sun City Oro Valley**

  1. On the Sun City Oro Valley homepage on the very top, click on Create an Account
  2. You will now be on the Member Register page
  3. Complete all registration fields.
    • This is where you will create your own USERNAME and PASSWORD. Make sure you write this information down somewhere safe.
  4. Click on Register.
  5. Note the following message in green: “Registration successful. Your account has to be confirmed by an administrator before you can login.”
  6. Please be patient. This process may take up to 24-48 hours.
  7. Once your account has been confirmed, you will immediately receive an email from Sun City Website ( Subject: Registration Approved.
    • Make sure to check your SPAM folder if you have not heard back from us within 72 hours.
  8. Open the email.
    • Make a note of your username.
  9. Click once on the link
  10. You will now be back on the home screen on the SCOV website.
  11. Enter your username and password in the correct boxes.
  12. Click once on Log In

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2.What happens if I forget my password or need to change my password?


  1. Click once on the link Forgot your password? This is located on the Sun City Oro Valley website ( on the top in the middle.
  2. Enter your username or password in the box.
  3. Click once on Get New Password
  4. Check your email for your new password.
  5. Copy the computer-generated password EXACTLY as you see it making note of capital O vs. zero (0) and little L vs. the number one (1).
    • OR…With your mouse, highlight the computer-generated password and then right-mouse click on the highlight and chose Copy.
    • OR…With your mouse, highlight the computer-generated password and then hold the Control (Ctrl) key down and press “C”.
  6. Go back to the Sun City Oro Valley webpage.
  7. Enter your username in the Username box on the top of the webpage.
  8. Enter the computer-generated password into the password box.
    • Type in the password EXACTLY as it is seen.
      1. If it does not work, check that all capital letters are capitalized and a zero is not an O (or vice versa) and a 1 is not a little L (or vice versa).
    • OR…Click the mouse once in the Password box. Now click the Right mouse button once and chose PASTE from the menu.
    • OR…Click the mouse once in the Password box. Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and press “P”.

Now you can create your own password

  1. Take your mouse and hover over the words “Howdy, __________________”
  2. Click once on Edit My Profile
  3. Scroll about halfway down the page to NEW PASSWORD
  4. Click once on Generate Password
  5. Another computer-generated password that is highlighted will show. Hit the Delete key once to remove this.
  6. Now type in the password of YOUR choice.
  7. If a message reads “Weak Password”, that’s ok. Click on the box below next “Confirm Use of Weak Password”
  8. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click once on Update Profile.
  9. Now click ONCE on the words Sun City Oro Valley located in the top left corner. This will take you back to the homepage.

3.How do I submit comments, questions, etc., regarding the new website?

4.How do I pay my dues online?

5.ENews sign up instructions